VersaScreen IceBlaster To Partner With Bylin Roof Ice Melt Systems

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Updated 1/27/16

VersaScreen Ice Dam Prevention ends relationship with Bylin Roof Ice Melt Systems. See the blog posting.

Finally! A Roof Ice Melt System and Heated Gutter Protection System that are compatible. 

Release - VersaScreen Gutter Protection

VersaScreen Gutter Protection and Bylin Roof Ice Melt Systems have inked a distribution agreement for the VersaScreen IceBlaster and Bylin RIM Systems. VersaScreen IceBlaster will be distributed through Bylin Sales Reps throughout the country (except for Massachusetts). Bylin will offer sales, support and design of VersaScreen IceBlaster and RIM Valley panels, as well as self regulating heat cables, control systems and accesories. Customers will have peace of mind with a system that is well designed and ready for installation. In Massachusetts, MA Ice Dam Solutions will handle sales, support and design. VersaScreen Gutter Protection is based in Southeast Massachusetts.

DIY Friendly!

All VersaScreen IceBlaster Heated Gutter Protection Systems will be shipped complete with all the necessary materials for a trouble free installation. Included are self regulating heat cables, VersaScreen IceBlaster IceMelt Brackets, VersaScreen Pro, Power Connection and Tee Splice Kits, Thermostat Control, and fasteners. Doit Youself homeowners will be able to install their own roof and gutter ice dam prevention system. Competitor products limit installation to franchise dealers leading to high costs. 

Contractor Inquiry Welcome.

VersaScreen Gutter Protection is looking for contractors throughout the country to carry the VersaScreen Gutter Protection products. No up front costs or dealership fees. Complimentary samples and product literature.    Contact Us for more information.

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