About Massachusetts Ice Dam Solutions

New England Ice Solutions began with customers asking Greg Greene, a custom home builder and remodeler in Newburyport, for a solution to their ice dam problems. Greg, with his knowledge of home construction, knew there wasn’t one easy solution like more insulation in your attic or popping in a few vents here and there.

So Greg searched for a solution that would work regardless of the underlying house and roof structure, and found the technology now used in all of New England Ice Solution’s designs. He installed a few systems starting in 2005, and continued to build the ice dam prevention business in New England. Within a few years New England Ice Solutions became the premier installer of roof and gutter ice dam prevention systems throughout all of the northeast. As the largest installer of roof ice melting systems in New England, it is important to Greg to be able to provide excellent customer service coupled with top notch installation service.

Here is what you can expect from New England Ice Solutions:

  • The best available ice dam prevention products from Edge Melt Systems
  • Prompt & courteous interaction from first contact through installation and beyond
  • Experienced designers to help you through the process
  • Seasoned, professional installation crews
  • A well established company whose focus on ice dam prevention didn't just pop up with the last severe New England winter

Feel free to ask us for a list of satisfied customers. We've installed our products all over New England. And, we've expanded beyond New England to provide our services in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, too. Are you ready to have your home protected by the best ice dam prevention systems installed by the best installer? Please fill out our short form to get your home protected and have piece of mind this winter.

We are Massachusetts's source for roof and gutter ice dam prevention systems. We feature roof and gutter ice melting systems:

  • IceBlaster by Edge Melt Systems Eave and Valley Radiant Panels
  • Heated Gutters and Gutter Guards by VersaScreen customized to your homes needs

Our Goal is to solve your ice dam problems.

Massachusetts Ice Dam Solutions will provide quality solutions to the problems that tough Massachusetts winters throw at us. Roof and Gutter Ice Dams For years homeowners have been told that ice and water shield underlayment and zig zag heat cables were the only solution. Others say balanced ventilation and insulation solve all problems. These techniques are valuable, but they cannot always eliminate ice dams and the resulting damage. The only solution is to prevent the ice dams from forming. That is why we are the Massachusetts source for IceBlaster by Edge Melt Systems™ roof and gutter ice dam prevention products and VersaScreen Heated Gutter Protection. We have been successful at designing roof and gutter ice dam prevention systems for customers all over Massachusetts. 

Old ideas only focused on ventilation and insulation.

Roofing manufacturers and home inspection professionals have been preaching ventilation and insulation along with ice and water shield. These methods work fine until air temperature and the good ol' sun do what they do. No matter how well you insulate, the sun still beats down on your roof and air temperatures fluctuate above and below freezing. This results in melting and freezing cycles that form ice dams starting at your gutter and extending up your roof. Before you know it - ice dams and leaking. Huge icicle formations - dangerous! We have some great articles on ice dams and their causes in our blog

IceBlaster by Edge Melt Systems™ features a well designed product line incorporating an industrial grade self-regulating heating cable with an extruded aluminum base panel that is topped by a UNA-CLAD pre-finished aluminum or 20 oz. copper cover. When in place, this system is designed to prevent ice build up in the gutters, at the eaves, and in the valleys and other critical roof areas. We can customize a design to protect your home or business from the damaging effects of ice dams and icicles. Please contact us for more information on this extraordinary system. 

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Let the professionals at MA-IceDamSolutions.com educate you on the options available to you. Whether you are a homeowner, property management company, or a building owner, we can provide you with effective solutions to your ice dam and icing problems. We have been dealing with ice damming for a decade and a half - we have the experience to handle whatever our tough Massachusetts winters throw at us!